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HomeStick is an application for Telldus Live compatible devices. It´s free to download and install as a Win32 application but it you prefer it as a Windows Store app, you can buy it here and it is only $1.50. You can also (if you like) donate some small amounts by pressing the button or do it in the main application.



Here are a few steps of how you get access to Telldus LIVE:



After the install, run the application and select your language.


Enter your email address and password to your Telldus LIVE account and press "Login".


Press "Yes" to continue.


Steps 4-11 are personal settings. Use your own setup for HomeStick.

When you are done with step 11, you should now see all your devices and sensors.


The automatic software updates are always recommended. Let it be activated, to be sure that you are running the latest software version.